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Weekend First Aid

G2FirstAid is a forward thinking training company who considers those who are self employed and with smaller work forces!

When we make these considerations, part of it is when your busiest time is – and if you are like many other businesses it will be between Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Taking anyone out of your business in these times can potentially affect your work plan and impact on your businesses productivity, in turn reducing turnover.

So what benefits does weekend training offer:

  • Staff are available between core hours to sell
  • Customer interaction isn’t reduced
  • Reduce the potential backlog of admin by not taking a day out of the workplace
  • Reduce the impact on potential loss of productivity
  • Reduce the overall loss of revenue by having a full workforce available in core hours

There is absolutely no difference in the training that is delivered at the weekend, except that it’s at the weekend – it’s all the same content delivered over the same timescale so there is no loss of content.

Not only do we arrange weekend courses for First Aid, there is also the possibility to complete an SIA Door Supervisor course over 2 weekends, again, if taking on a position as a door supervisor is a part time opportunity, you can fit this training around your full time work commitments.

If you would like to book onto any of our Weekend First Aid Courses in Glasgow or Weekend Door Supervisor Courses, you can find the dates here, where you can also book.