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Which course should I chose for my business

June 28th, 2012 by

We get asked this question quite often, in fact, generally any time someone is booking one of our courses.

At present, the Health & Safety Executive have set out guidelines for Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day training course) and First Aid at Work (3 day training course), so as a training provider who delivers these courses either by themselves or under license from another provider, they still need to fulfil the same criteria as set out.

Now that we’ve covered the ‘legalities’ let’s put it into simple terms:

One day Emergency First Aid Course

You would generally pick this type of training if you were exposed to low risk areas eg small offices. When we talk about low risk, we are talking about the type of accident/injuries that could occur and with the volume of people involved.

As such, the 1 day course covers medical emergencies and simple ‘every day’ injuries. A medical emergency is something that can be described as life threatening and first aid interventions can buy time until professional medical help arrives.

Three day First Aid at Work Course

This is probably where the biggest decision has to be made. Why would you pick the 3 day course over the one day course, especially if you work in low risk areas?

The three day course covers injuries/illnesses that are not included in the 1 day training syllabus, and as general advice goes, we would always recommend that if you work in an environment where you have the potential to be exposed to patients suffering from asthma attacks, people who could suffer from serious allergic reactions, or potentially burns, then by choosing the 3 day course, you are guaranteed to cover these conditions but not with the 1 day course.

Never leave it to chance, get as much training as you can to better prepare you for any possible emergency you may come across.

If you are still unsure about your training needs, we would be only too happy to help so contact us without delay.


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